Practicas de inicio

by Besaida, December 11th 2021 © 2021 Besaida

Se trata de bocetos realizados en 5 minutos.

Drago Nano

Your linework looks good and clear.

What I suggest you watch the gesture series by Proko on


Keep going


Theres a trick you can do for placement of arms and stuff, what you do is draw a circle where the shoulder is, and another where you want the wrist, and then you draw a straight line in between them. After that, youre going to draw a perpendicular-ish line branching of of the shoulder/wrist line and that aill help with elbows supposedly. Its worked for me and i think it will help you with the placement and stuff.

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oooo good idea, but i think that is better draw with solid sizes like triangles, boxes or aleatory forms, like recommend ethan becker and david finch uwu draw with circles is more complex :´)

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your observation of your gestures, and your perception of lines and shapes, besaida. I love how expressive and spontaneous, and structured at the same time, is.

I'm thinking that your lines of action and flow of movement is a bit too thick for me. Would you kindly free up and moreso, loosen up your hand with a 2 minute sketch, followed by a 60 second sketch of a nude, or whatever? Plus, get a load of this.

The reason: to get your lines of action to be less stiff, and more fluid and lively.

Hope this helps you out on your current goal.


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