Práctica de líneas

by Besaida, January 16th 2022 © 2022 Besaida

Las fotos corresponde a prácticas de 3 y 10 minutos. Agradecería sus críticas. Gracias.


I see you do a lot of lines in the same place, you should try doing some warm-ups, draw a whole sheet with just circles and straight lines, 10min a day is enough, hope it helps you, good luck and keep practicing!!

Drago Nano

First of all, congratulations on wanting to improve, that is really commendable. Also, your feet are better than mine.

Second, I highly recommend you use a B pencil, at least for the outlines. The change from barely seeing your lines, to seeing them all too clearly, is a bit of a trauma but it's worth it in the long run.

Third, what do you want to improve? Proportions, observation, stiffness? Set yourself a goal.

Bonus tip: I had a shitty camera too. When you have a shitty camera is all too important to
-Have good light on the drawing (preferably natural).
-Put your camera perpendicular to the drawing board
-Have clean lines.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening again, Besaida, greatest performance of your range of emotion and movement of your lines and shapes and poses. Keep moving yourself forward greatly!

Those lines are most of the itchiest and scratchiest lines I've ever seen. These seem to have too much of the timidity. Can you please be more boldest and the most confident and smoothest with those lines of action with 1 hour, 1 minute of 1 minute gesture poses? (61 pose sketches) You can and will make your lines the least timidest and the most fearless and confident in your ruffest sketches and practices. Here's another link for the night for your downloads of more images. OK?? Have a nicer night ever. Happiest practicing.

Buenas noches de nuevo, Besaida, máximo rendimiento de tu gama de emociones y movimiento de tus líneas y formas y poses. ¡Sigue avanzando mucho!

Esas líneas son la mayoría de las líneas más picantes y ásperas que he visto. Estos parecen tener demasiado de la timidez. ¿Puedes ser más audaz, seguro y suave con esas líneas de acción con poses de gestos de 1 hora, 1 minuto o 1 minuto? (61 bocetos de pose) Puedes y harás que tus líneas sean las menos tímidas y las más intrépidas y confiadas en tus bocetos y prácticas más rudos. Aquí hay otro enlace para la noche para sus descargas de más imágenes. ¿¿OK?? Que tengas una mejor noche que nunca. Más feliz practicando.


Gracias por tu comentario, me ayuda a mejorar.

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