Figure Sketches

by Kef, April 22nd 2022 © 2022 Kef

Some drawings I did in class mode on this website. Looking for any and all critiques or suggestions for improvement! Below is a link to the rest of the drawings.


Microwaved Tom

A+ for effort, but there is alot for improvement...

Since you asked "specific feedback" I will much oblige...

First of all lets address some key issues with process work...

General overview:

1- The step process:

i see that you have included ciricles, ovals, and lines as an outline of the figure... but you have completely overlooked the most important detail to drawing figures which is "The Line of Action"(title of this website, dont forget), which is also shown in the beginners tutorial within this website which I highly recommend to you.

In summary: the line of action is the line drawn through the figure to convery a sense of tilt, movement and general orientation.


What is interpretation? It is the choice of the artist to convey what they want to express to the viewer.

You drawing contains mainly of awareness in contours and as a result, you missed out on focusing on the surface area and "form" . It is not the outline edges that should be your focus, rather the whole form of the part that you are drawing.


Thank you for the critique!

I have included a line of action in each of these, though it may not be very visible. I always start my drawings the way the website suggested with a line of action!

I will try my best to create more form with my drawings from now on as well!

Thank you.


looks good. try sketching lighter. and for the final line you can draw hard :))

MJ Quartz

Congrats on having the courage to post for critique!

Try working on smoother lines! I noticed that some of your lines look "hairy", (nothing wrong with that, it's all up to the artist!) and working on smooth, solid lines can help you draw with purpose and make the drawing more translatable :)