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I'm having trouble with the head going down or upwards any tips would be nice!


When the face is looking down you can make the chin a little smaller and closer to the face. This can help your perspective a lot. Good luck!

Buggi Boi

Hello! I would like to add on to what lokotot said, so hopefully you can apply it to other drawings.

I think your anatomy would be correct.. if they were facing the viewer. You just need to take perspective into consideration.

This may seem unrelated at first, but hear me out.. If you're looking at the windows of a building, you may notice that the windows closer to you seem bigger and farther apart, where the window farther away looks smaller and closer together. The same can be said for different features of the face- if they're looking down, the features higher on the face- and therefore closer to the viewer- look bigger and more far apart than the features lower on the face. It may help to picture the face like the side of a box in perspective.. I've drawn a picture to show what I mean.

I hope this helps, and happy drawings!


That makes so much sense! Thank you!


It's really great that you're using guide lines! I suggest divising the head in 3 parts equal, I think it could help when you're drawing from a lower/ higher angle. Also, remember that a head is 3D and from other angles, the top of the head/ the bottom (troath for exemple) will be seen! If you think in 3D, it will be easier to think wich part of the 3 parts of the head will be smaller/bigger (and so will be the object of the part, like the eyes, etc). Don't hesitate to look for reference on other websites or some tutorial on YT! You're doing great, good luck :) (sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native tongue)

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