Man angry

by Asimpson0414, January 26th 2023 © 2023 Asimpson0414

35 minutes

Polyvios Animations

WOW! Greatest work on your movement and anatomy of the angriest face yet. Please keep on pushing yourself your farthest!

Still, I don't feel that he looks or seems the most angriest enough to me. How would you like to please look at yourself in your mirror, and see how your angriest face looks like in real life, then do 3 more hours of 30 second angry faces and angriest expressions in different sexes and genders? As a result, your broadest strokes will become the least timidest and rigidest and the most simplest, and the most cartoonlike in your gestures and expressions. For even most inspiration, please look into most head and face drawings from buying this book called, Drawn to Life 1 by Walt Stanchfield. Walt S. as you may or might know, was a really great drawing teacher for the Modern Disney studio as Don Graham was in the classic age of Disney animation. It has got lots of tricks and tricks available at your disposal.(Also available in PDF form in

Hope these books have become completely and totally benefical and informative and encouraging.

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