The dancer

by Asimpson0414, February 1st 2023 © 2023 Asimpson0414

The line of action seems well established. The body shape and muscle makes sense to the eye. The proportions appear distorted or at least without the reference the difference in sizes makes me confused about what is in front and what is behind. For example, the two breasts and the two arms because they are different one from the other, the difference in size should represent the distance from the viewer (unless someone clearly has a bigger breast, which could be).

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Great Lower body, such as thighs and calfs, torso and feet are impressive. HOWEVER, the female chestal area is a little off. The breasts are little off-preportion. Sometimes this can be alright, so long as it happens to be at least very similar. Other than that, great job! Look foward to seeing you improve!

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