Gesture Class 450-X

by Kite, January 2nd 2019 © 2019 Kite

Done as part of a 30min session divided in groups of 30s, 60s, 2x5min and 1x10min.

My goal is to better understand human anatomy.

Mx. Abi

You have great gestural lines. There is a lot of movement in each of your images.

In the longer poses. More lines are not always better. I advise that you simplify.


You are right, I have realized that I tend to have more fixation with smaller details in the longer least more than I should. All of these were made with one line each, so it really shows when I focus too much on one part over the others.


Thank you for your feedback! I have slowed down a little today, but I feel like I have done more contour drawing... I will keep trying to simplify.

Aahana X

I love the transition from simple figures to more constructive and detailed figures with added lining work. You could always try to make more confident line though.