2 minute gesture study

by Jlara215, January 11th 2024 © 2024 Jlara215

In these 2 min gesture studies I tried focusing on proportions and rhythm

Please feel feel to leave critique, always appreciated!

Thank you,


Polyvios Animations

Hello, J.

Once again, you've done the greatest work on your shapes and spaces with as fewest of lines as possible. I love how much economy you've drawn out the forms with as fewest lines as possible. But still, the poses are still not very bravest enough yet. How would you care to go ahead with 10 minutes of 1 minute attitudes?

The logical premise behind this constructive critique is because you can and will draw not for the sake of drawing, but to draw to make the paper go away.(even knowing that you'll get the highest quantity for the boldest quality of figure studies)

For most all the details, please refer to the free PDF downloads of the 2 Walt Stanchfield books.📕

Good luck from me to you.


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