March 13th, 2024

by Riva, March 14th 2024 © 2024 Riva

Just the 30-second sketches here. I used this class to focus on the relationship of the hips to the shoulders as that has been something I feel I have been less than sufficient with. Along that same vein, many of my figures have more masculine shapes even on the more female figures. I am focusing on finding what I may be doing in my gestures that might be playing down figures with a more feminine form.

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Riva. Welcome!

Nicest job on your female and male relationships(proportions and angles), your spaces, and of course, your edges in your figure sketches and drawings. But still, I'm not getting enough of your feminine proportions in your female bodies, spaces, and gestures. Would you like to please go with 106 minutes of 2 minute attitude drawings? (53 female drawings, and the males, too!)

The reason why you could and would be the most on board is because so that you can and will become the most self-acquainted with the female forms under forces. And if you're really most boldest into your research, please look into Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent.

Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

Let's hope these have helped.


Thank you for your critiques, on this and my other sketches. Especially the link to the PDF of Andrew Loomis's work. I enjoyed the quote as well.