1 minute per figure. Canines and felines.

by Koreley, April 19th 2024 © 2024 Koreley

After i was suggested to do 1 min of figure drawing for my usual exercise. I've been gone for a bit cause i was getting burnt out on drawing the same things over and over (line of action could use a larger variety in animal pictures)

I also tried to apply another commentor's suggestion to try and ditch my structure in favor of pure silhouette. i've done that where i felt safe, and kept my structure where i felt i could use that to convey the basics of the subject with less (like the circle for the heads, that allowed me to quickly lay down proportions, muzzles, ecc).

I feel pretty good about this selection, i've kept in the best ones that i liked. Which is also an invitation to break these down!

Lemme know what you think ^^

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on your line and gesture economics of your felines and canines, Koreley, but I'm not getting enough of that exaggerated quality in your gestures and contours yet. Would you like to please speed up your lines with 18 minutes of 30 second warmups.

The argument is because you can and will go for speed in your drawings, your linear economics shall be more sharp. For most details, please look into Force Animals by Mattesi.


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