30 seconds, 30 minutes study, most animals (expect birbs and a few others)

by Koreley, April 23rd 2024 © 2024 Koreley

Hey, so, i've tried to gather everybody's suggestions and i'm loving how flowy my sketches are starting to look. i feel like i could still squeeze more ouf these guys, but i'm pretty much at a loss! i've learnt so much already, and it's all thanks to your constant and kind feedback :3

let me know what you think of these! i've watched a section of this video (

- Learn to Draw Animals with FORCE: FORCE Friday 19 ) as Polyvios suggested i'd do, and that has made me realize i could look at, and simply form as a bunch of curvy lines! Perhaps i should start using a brush that lets me also use pen pressure to add thickness to my lines on the fly?

Polyvios Animations

You were right after all, Koreley, your lines of action in your felines, canines and animals are starting to really, completely, and totally coming off their strongest yet. Please push forward yourself the most! But, I've got one smallest constructive nitpick: I love your gesture sketches, but they seem too be too slowly but too carefully done. How would you like to please loosen up most gradually with 32 minutes of 29 second animals and mammals, using our custom class mode? (1860 seconds/29 seconds≈64 scribbliest creatures)

Because that you can and will go ahead with this littlest and tiniest request, then your forces, straights and curves must become their most extreme flow and fluidity. So, for most tips and tricks, I suggest you look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual PDF right here.It's all done by the works of one of the greatest figure drawing teachers of our time, Glen Vilppu.

Let's all hope they can and will do the trick.

Aunt Herbert

What I love about those 30 sec sketches is, that you didn't hurry your lines, but instead condensed the sketch to fewer lines. Big thumbs up.

About switching to brush: Prepare for quite a bit of frustration, before you get used to it, but the fun you get out of it at the end is worth it.

Product recommendation: I love my Pentel GFKP Japan. Neither the brush nor the ink is outrageously expensive, and most important to me: it has a steady flow of ink. I have been fighting with a number of other pen brushes drying up if they did not agree with my drawing speed, and that is not a decision I want to leave to my drawing tool.


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