29 seconds, 30 minutes, Cats Dogs and Rats (lapines)

by Koreley, April 24th 2024 © 2024 Koreley

I feel like i've finally understood the assignment! finally, after a few months, i think i understand how to do figure drawing. At least, the main idea behind it.

After being suggested a book (Vilppu Drawing manual), and admittedly skimming through it, i found an interesting idea "pretend you're the subject. Feel how your body would move"

And with that, today's session was a blast! i tried to think through how my subject would feel their body. And i tried to use that to exaggerate the overall pose. Modifying the spine so that it's more in line where the animal would feel it, to push the pose even further.

Except on that fat cat on the top left. I drew him a square, because he IS a square. A perfect square of fat.

And the pug on the bottom right is doing the snake pose. i thought that was pretty funny.

Also, squirrels are so full of energy, who knew?

I want to once again thank polyvios' suggestion on this, you have a ton of fantastic resources!

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Koreley. So, great job on your cats, dogs, and rodents, in quick gesture form. They have lots of the same vitality and energy, maybe even more than so. Please do push yourself forward!


Yeah! I'll read more about gesture drawing, and i'll probably go back to my roots soon to see how far i've come :)

i'll probably do a 30 min class with varying speeds, and then go back to doing 30 second sketches more often!

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