Classroom Session #1.1

by Spencerm, April 21st 2024 © 2024 Spencerm

This was apart of a 1 hr 30 min session. I wanted to focus on drawing faces/facial expressions and on being very direct and sure with my lines. I wasn't really paying attention to the time on these but I believe they were both around 5 min

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Spencer. Nicest work on your range of edges, spaces, relationships, and, if you will, the tones and the gestalts of your faces and expressive expressions. I think you're getting the greatest progress, but I feel that the tones and gestalts and the others are still not coming though yet in terms of the expressions and moods. Would you like to please go ahead with your very first ever 1 hour class mode of faces, to speed yourself up gradually, so that you can and will make your facial expressions the most organic in terms of spaces, shapes, and forms.

Thanks, and my hat's off to you.


Hello again, I will definitely try out the 1 hour class mode to help with my development. Do you have any advice for when I feel like I have nothing more to add to a drawing but there is still time left in the class?

Aunt Herbert

Great results. Confident lines, accurate proportions, high likeness, good emotional expression.

You are struggling a bit with the shading, switching between hatching and blending, and not getting a good separation between clean brights and shadow areas. I think looking for a bit of theoretical background on how to do shading could give you a quick quality boost. Some search terms for the interwebs: if the site you find explains what a terminus is, wnat reflected lights are, what a core shadow and cast shadows are, what clean brights are and how to separate values, then you are porbably on the right site.

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i love your use of very definite lines, although i would work on adding more value to the shadows.
hope this helps :)


Thanks for the feeback, its appreciated and definitly helps! I definitely do have trouble figuring out how the best way to add the shadows and create a good contrast, its something I need to work on.

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