Classroom session #2.1

by Spencerm, April 23rd 2024 © 2024 Spencerm

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve my rendering of faces

I took feedback from my first session about keeping hair pretty simple and tried to apply it here

Polyvios Animations

Your know, Spencerm, great job on your glorious, terrific, and stunning march of progress on all your facial quick sketches I see above. I love the use of perceptions of edges and spaces, but I feel that there's still not enough of that animated range of expressions and emotions for narratives yet. Would you like to please go with a 30 minute class of faces and facial expressions?

The logical argument behind this is because your control of faces can and will become less "undertured" and more caricatured, specific, and exaggerated that reality and realism altogether. So, for more information, kindly refer to this link, right here.

Let's hope you can and will find this totally concrete.

Aunt Herbert

Wow, the one in the right lower corner makes me jealous quite a bit. In an one hour class, that should be the 25 minutes drawing?

I love the crisp and simple lines and shapes you found, I am just a bit puzzled about your drawing process. If I spend that much time on a drawing, I'll just end up with trying to cram a whole bunch of detail into it, while you seem to end up with just a few, but incredibly clean lines. How exactly do you convert your drawing time into cleaner lines, could you try to give a timeline?


Thank you for the praise!

As for my process, the first couple seconds I try to draw a general picture in my mind, kinda mapping out the features that stand out the most or that define the person. I then get to drawing on the page and try to express the image i made in my mind. It kinda goes back and forth between those two actions until I have something I like. From there I try to get the finer details in the last bits of time.

Aunt Herbert

Hmm, interesting. I am gonna try to more actively pause my drawing process repeatedly, to separate visualizing from markmaking more consciously.

Thanks for your answer.


No problem, I heard the advice from one of my current favorite artists. Her name is Eleeza Ivanova. I recommend checking out her stuff too!

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