First batch of Rosali dancing images

It's finally time! The first batch of dancing poses from photographer Ivan, the photographer who brought us our photoseries of Javani and Olga. In this first release of Rosali photos, we have dancing and balance poses -- all of which are clothed enough to be appropriate for school settings.

This release contains 12 image that are free to everyone, and another 102 that are only available to full subscribers. Thank you so much to all our subscribers, your support makes this site and photoshoots like this possible. :)

Here's a little taste of the photos in today's release:






Beautiful, thank-you!

Polyvios Animations

Fantastic, isn't it?




These are very cool! Love them

Aunt Herbert

Looking forward to drawing them!


Thank you!



ACdesign BR

Amazing poses. Thank you!

503platypus (unregistered visitor)

I love the moves. She is very talented

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