Fundraising update #2

Great progress! We've reached 57% of our first funding goal! Can you help us get to 65% today?

This fundraiser isn't just about getting cool new features and photos for the site that you've desperately wanted for years (though it's about that too!) It's about seemingly boring but critical repairs and upgrades that are needed to keep the site online. With 31,000 people using the site every week, we're stretching the limits of what our underlying build can handle. You've all experienced those awful slowdowns or even downtimes under the weight of that demand.

But with this fundraiser, our community has the opportunity to fix that.

We have the opportunity to ensure that Line of Action can continue to offer its awesome practice tools to the world for free for another decade to come.

And more than that: we have the opportunity to make it better than it ever was before, and give us a method to provide for new features and photos even long after we've completed this initial fundraiser.

Your questions answered: How do I redeem my backer benefits?

Because so many people have historically used the tools without having accounts, we’re not linking fundraising donations to any particular account right now.

Once the new features are built, we’ll be emailing out codes to backers which they can apply to an existing account, a new account, or even give to a friend (or perhaps family member who is on their way to art school??)

Reminder: please share the videos from our Facebook page to help get the word out!

Please also consider tweeting about us with the hashtag #lineofaction.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Already contributed? Consider doing so again to raise your contribution level and get an even better set of thank you rewards!... Or maybe donate in someone else's name as a gift, for the art student in your life!

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