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Did you know that we have a Facebook page now? Follow it for real time Line of Action update news, drawing and anatomy tips, spotlights on fellow students, and more. :)

New photos in the works

I'm almost afraid to mention it in case I jinx it, but... Although we haven't yet reached the fundraising goal levels that will allow us to schedule our own photoshoot and produce the exact images you have been requesting, we are talking to some of the photographers that have supplied us with some of our best practice images of the past, and it looks like we may have a few new donated batches soon! We're working on updated our agreements to allow us more freedom with how the images can be used, so we can continue to improve the site going forward.

"Too fast timer" bug fixed

Over the last month, we'd been getting reports that a minority of people were experiencing an error in the practice tools where the timer would suddenly go too fast, sometimes turning 30 seconds poses into 10 second poses. Yuck! With some help from wonderful community members providing me the clues to track it down, I was able to create and release a patch that should take care of this issue. Please let me know if it pops up for you again.

Fundraiser progress

We are at 38% of our first fundraising goal! When we reach it, work can begin on the new site membership features! This will include amazing features like optional "in-class" drawing tutorials, goal setting, progress tracking and achievements, the ability to immediately upload your work to the site after a Line of Action practice session, and optionally submit those drawings for critique with just a few clicks, and more.

Can you help us reach 40% today?
There are some wonderful backer rewards in it for you if you can!

Remember, if we can fully fund all our goal levels, we will be able to schedule new photoshoots to produce new practice photos, with an emphasis on diversity in body type, age and ethnicity!!!


Kim - Site admin

YOU DID IT! We just broke 40% :D

Mx. Abi

I really like the levels that you have created, and that there is a paid membership that will be coming. I really like that I now have a year paid membership. $25 is a totally reasonable price to use.

I am happy to be a supporter, and I appreciate this site so much!

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