Results of our fundraiser

With your help, we raised $8768 toward:

  • Rebuilding and repairing the site to make it more stable in the face of the incredible demand
  • The building of new membership features that will allow the site to better support itself and offer regular updates and new photo packs
  • Optional “in-class” drawing tutorials.
  • Goal setting, progress tracking and achievements.
  • The ability to immediately upload your work to the site after a Line of Action practice session, and optionally submit those drawings for critique with just a few clicks.
  • User profiles where you can store, categorize and display your artwork for the Line of Action community.
  • More detailed pose selection when setting up yor practice sessions – go beyond just male or female and choose sitting, running, dancing, jumping, and more.
  • And more!

As you'll recall, our goal tiers were...

  • $10,000 – Programming begins on the new site membership features! We anticipate opening this section of the site for business approximately 2 months after work begins.
  • $15,000 – 2 new full body photo shoots with a range of diversity in model ethnicity, age and body-type are scheduled.
  • $20,000 – Professional profiles added to the site for members, to show off your work to potential employers and commissioners with absolutely no need for coding. A new hands/feet photoshoot and a faces/expressions photoshoot will be scheduled, with a range of diversity in model ethnicity, age and body-type.
  • $30,000 – Real life university art professors brought in to critique member’s practice sketches and offer helpful feedback and guidance.

We didn't quite make it to that $10,000 level, which means we may not be able to include all of the features we had hoped at first launch -- we'll continue to work on building them steadily over time, along with the scheduling of photoshoots. Thanks to what we did raise, we are about to be in such a stronger position for supporting those activities!

As far as getting that new site ready; we're saying two months to be safe, but work has already begun and we are going all out to have the new site ready for your enjoyment ASAP. I'm really hopeful we'll be able to open our doors sooner than that. I am deeply passionate about keeping Line of Action available to the world, and I am beyond overjoyed you've given me this opportunity to make such major improvements to it.

I will keep you thoroughly up to date as those efforts progress. :)

Claiming your backer rewards

As soon as the new membership features become available, emails will go out to all backers containing codes that you can apply to an existing account, a new account, or even give to a friend (or perhaps family member who is on their way to art school!)

Reminder: Because so many people have historically used the tools without having accounts, we’re not linking fundraising donations to any particular account right now. If you don't see your donation to this particular fundraiser on your account, that is okay!! If you got a receipt, you have been counted and will get your reward code. :)

 A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed. You are making a real and tangible difference to our entire community.



I'd love to have been able to back this project - however I don't get my paycheck till the 25th, am i still going to be too late to potentially contribute towards this amazing site?

Shelley (unregistered visitor)

Here's the link
It also pops up after you complete or cancel a drawing session.

Kim - Site admin

Hey BoyWonder! :)

Although this fundraiser is *technically* over, I'm still working on taking down all the links, so you may be able to sneak something in.

If not -- hit me up at and I may be able to help you.

Vicho Friedli

Hi, I remember I backed the project, but I can't find any recepits. Can you give me any tips on how to look for it in my email?

Thank you!!!

Kim - Site admin

It depends on whether you backed via credit card or paypal, but you might try looking for Genly, INC. or in your inbox.

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