Site rebuild progress report #1

There's been SO much intense programming going on since our fundraiser ended. I've been pulling overtime every week and even working weekends to get us to our next evolution as fast as humanly possible.

We hit a major milestone yesterday -- All of the existing features have now been re-created on a cleaner code-base, from the tools to the forums to accounts. Why did we spend time "reinventing the wheel?" Well, because there's now over 30,000 people using the site every single week, which has led to some noticeable slow-downs and even down time. Our current incarnation just wasn't designed with the entire world wanting access in mind!

It was also important to create an environment of greater extensibility and maintainability - but without any extras we aren't making use of that might slow us down - to make adding wonderful, helpful new features and keeping the ones that are already around healthy for years to come a much more attainable goal.

The new version is doing very well under stress testing, and loading much faster.

Before you ask -- no, this new version isn't live yet. What you're seeing is still the old version. We still have quite a bit of work to do on all the new features before the site can relaunch!

This means that from now on, all this intense work will be focused on creating the new features promised in our fundraiser such as optional “in-class” drawing tutorials, goal setting, progress tracking and achievements, more detailed pose selection when setting up your practice sessions, and more. :) This is VERY exciting!

Stay tuned for more updates on our rebuild progress.


Abigail Davis (unregistered visitor)

This is fantastic news! As the site became more dated and the image base somewhat static I often feared it was a legacy site that would eventually go away. And I was sorry to think that because it has been crucial to my practice and development.

But to know that there is interest, support, and growth, is exciting.

I am glad that Line Of Action is going to be around for awhile. And I am proud to be a supporter.

Kim - Site admin

Honestly, there was a period of time where we were very in danger of being just that! I changed a lot in my life to be able to devote time to sites I care about like this one, I'm so thrilled that the community rallied around this opportunity for all of us. Seeing the site redevelopment go so quickly and beautifully is an absolute joy!

Thank you so much for being a supporter!

Anita Murray (unregistered visitor)

I've never felt so invested in a website's development before haha. I'll be looking out for all future updates in anticipation!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so glad!!! :D

Bruce Jones (unregistered visitor)

I really really like the hands -- been working on them for the past two weeks. I think all my drawings have improved as a result.

Kim - Site admin

That is thrilling to hear!

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