A sneak peek at the new drawing tools

I know that you're dying to know more about the new drawing tools that are scheduled for release on November 24th along with the move to the new site, line-of-action.com. Here's a taste of what they'll have at launch:

  • Redesigned, cleaner user interface
  • The new tools are more mobile friendly so you can use them more effectively from your phone or tablet.
  • You can choose a custom length of time for each photo to be shown to you, whether you'd like to do a super fast 5 second gesture line practice or 15 minute sketches.
  • On screen countdown timer so you can see at a glance how much longer you have to wrap up sketching each pose
  • Clicking or tapping the screen will hide the toolbar, so you can enjoy full screen drawing bliss. Just click or tap again to bring it back!
  • During class mode, you'll be informed how many more poses are left in each duration, before the timing will change on you. (For example "4 more poses of this length," might show in front of the timer)
  • All "class mode" times have been updated. Previously, the timing that you picked was a little approximate -- break time wasn't taken into account very well, for example. So the number of various pose durations has been tweaked to be more exact, and suggested lengths (complete with timers!) for each break time have been implemented so you know how long you have to do hand stretches before it's time to get under way again if you want to stay on schedule. In longer classes that actually include a lunch break, a mini warm up has been added after the lunch break to help you get back into the swing of things.
  • A confirmation window has been added when quitting a class early or stopping a standard gesture drawing session, to prevent accidentally losing your place.

The new code-base that we have will make many more wonderful features much more possible for the future, like the ability to construct a custom class, or perhaps even using your own collection of photos. In standard mode (click for full size):

In class mode, with the toolbar hidden (click for full size):

A look at one of the retooled class sessions:



AS (unregistered visitor)

Thank you. So very, very much.

Kim - Site admin

You are so very welcome! :)

Leah (unregistered visitor)

Exciting! I've been doing a 30 minute class a day for the past month, and enjoying it. Thanks for providing a great tool.

Kim - Site admin

That is some serious dedication! Good for you!

Dm7 (unregistered visitor)

Wow you're so awesome! Some of my suggestions have been heard! Yay, I appreciate that very much! Thank you very much for all your hard work. I just hope the transition will be smooth because I'll for sure miss it when it's down. I've been studying for 1.5 months now without missing (and more before, but not at this constant rate though) and I feel I have definitely improved a lot.

Kim - Site admin

Yes! Many of these features were very very popular requests over the years. I am so glad to be able to make them real, finally.

I think there was about 2 - 5 minutes of downtime when the switch happened, hopefully it didn't disrupt anyone too badly.

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