Welcome to the all new site

You made it! We're so glad to have you on our new website. We used to be www.artists.pixelovely.com

As you can see, we've relaunched with a brand new site, a brand new name, and a completely rewritten code base for our drawing tools.

Here's some of the new drawing tool features you can now enjoy:

  • A redesigned, cleaner user interface
  • The new tools are more mobile friendly so you can use them more effectively from your phone or tablet.
  • You can choose a custom length of time for each photo to be shown to you, whether you’d like to do a super fast 5 second gesture line practice or 15 minute sketches.
  • On screen countdown timer so you can see at a glance how much longer you have to wrap up sketching each pose
  • Clicking or tapping the screen will hide the toolbar, so you can enjoy full screen drawing bliss. Just click or tap again to bring it back!
  • During class mode, you’ll be informed how many more poses are left in each duration, before the timing will change on you. (For example “4 more poses of this length,” might show in front of the timer)
  • All “class mode” times have been updated. Previously, the timing that you picked was a little approximate — break time wasn’t taken into account very well, for example. So the number of various pose durations has been tweaked to be more exact, and suggested lengths (complete with timers!) for each break time have been implemented so you know how long you have to do hand stretches before it’s time to get under way again if you want to stay on schedule. In longer classes that actually include a lunch break, a mini warm up has been added after the lunch break to help you get back into the swing of things.
  • A confirmation window has been added when quitting a class early or stopping a standard gesture drawing session, to prevent accidentally losing your place.

This new code-base will make many more wonderful features much more possible for the future, like the ability to construct a custom class, or perhaps even using your own collection of photos.

If you run into technical issues, you can contact us directly or seek help on our new support and suggestions forum. Here's our list of currently known issues we're working on.

Speaking of the forums! Our forums have also been heavily redesigned and many of the old problems people experiencing when posting have been fixed, so we hope to see activity surge upward in our forums.

As ever, this site is still made possible by your generous donations. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past! We could not have accomplished this massive update without you.

Please note: We have removed accounts that have never left a comment on one of our posts or participated on the forums. You can still use the tools without an account as before.


Sanne - Site moderator

I so massively excited and proud! Thank you Kim!

Kim - Site admin

Thank you for all your support along the way.

kazu (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for the great site!

Kim - Site admin

You are very welcome, excited that you like it! :)

Androo (unregistered visitor)

What a beautiful redesign! This has been one of my favorite tools for years.

Kim - Site admin

That is wonderful to hear! I'm glad you like the new version; sometimes changes don't go over well when people are very used to how things were, so I'm thrilled it seems to be so well accepted so far.

richard rasmus (unregistered visitor)

cool but why is there a big "session paused" notification, i like to use this for random good poses that i can draw at my own pace instead of being on a timer, cant do that with the notification me blinding me of the picture

Kim - Site admin

Hi Richard,

It was added because we used to get complaints from people who paused accidentally and then thought the thing was broken. We've heard feedback that this solution isn't working either, so we're looking for another alternative that addresses both needs. :)

max (unregistered visitor)

Yup, really hoping they fix this.

Ania (unregistered visitor)

I love how clear the new layout is! Thanks so much for giving us this fantastic resource, as someone who is desperately trying to learn art in her spare time I find these exercises a key part of my day! I will make sure to donate! :)

Kim - Site admin

I'm thrilled to hear it! :D Thank you so much for commenting!

Ania (unregistered visitor)

You are most welcome! Thank you again!! :)


I'm not getting any pics to come up on the drawing practices.....just black screens with all the function tools (pause, stop, forward, etc....and the timer) showing. Is it me or there a problem with the system?? Additionally, I tried to comment about this on another section but it responded with a 'bad link' page or something similar to that.

Kim - Site admin

Which section said that?

So far, all reports I've had about the blank screen issue have involved older versions of Internet Explorer. Are you able to let me know what browser (and browser version) you're using?

John (unregistered visitor)

Hi. Great update, love the new sleek look.
I've been having one problem though, nothing major.
In the animals section when you click "Only show live animals" it says not images fit this criteria. But if click "Included skeletons" they all appear. I'm primarily using the "Equine & Other Hooved" and "Canine" options.

Kim - Site admin

Thanks so much for the report! I'll add that to our punch list to work on. :)


Awesome piece of work you've done on the new interface guys !

Fantastic to see that you still there helping every artist to improve themselves via your amazing Website. (and I've us it for a while now)

Thank you so much for your investment !

Kim - Site admin

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am very glad the site has been helpful to you! :)


i'm super behind on my figure drawing practice and then i logged in and was pleasantly surprised to see a new site name and redesign! I love it! So excited to try out all the new features!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so thrilled that you are enjoying it! :D


Thank you for all of these tools. I was in an accident so drawing from life is not possible. This really helping me keep up my skills and work on some weakness. Thank you very very much.

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