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News & announcements: Maintenance Warning

Hi all you lovely artists! Please be aware that there is planned maintenance for Monday morning, January 13th 2020. This will occur around 11am, Pacific Standard Time. There may be 10 to 20 minutes of down time, and you may be logged out afterward. We'll try to minimize the down time as much as possible. I'm hoping to address some of the issues we've been facing in the mornings, when some people can't... Continue reading

News & announcements: Add your own personal study photos to the LoA drawing tools

A new feature out for members with full subscriptions, or who are using Backer code time: You can add up to 100 photos to each of our study tools! They will appear in the study rotation as you do your normal practice. These are personal practice photos; only you will see them in the tools, so they don't require the rigorous review process that submitting photos for public use comes with.You can even... Continue reading