Frequently asked questions

Account questions

How do I add an avatar/icon to my account?

There are two methods.

1: Go to your profile. Click "Edit profile" in the sidebar. Upload your desired image.

2. If you have not uploaded an icon to the site directly, we will attempt to obtain one from GRavatar (Globally Recognized Avatars). You can set one for your email address here: and it will not only appear on this site, but on thousands of sites where you log in with your email address. It may take up to 48 hours for our system to notice that you've added your first avatar to GRavatar -- please be patient.

How do I change my password?

Go to account settings (it's in the dropdown menu behind your avatar at the top of the page)

Enter a new password.

I never received my verification email

If you’ve waited at least ten minutes and been sure to check your spam folder, please email us directly at for assistance. Make sure to write from the email address that you registered your account with, so we can look up and verify your account by hand.

How do I use a gift code on my account?

Go to the billing page. In the "subscription information" box, click the "Enter membership gift code" button.

If you are currently being billed for a subscription plan, you will not be able to see this button until you cancel the automatic billing. This is to prevent you from being double-billed for time.

Even after cancellation, your account will retain all membership time you have pre-paid for. Your membership gift code will extend this time if your subscription was a "full" membership. "Doodler" accounts will receive a smaller time credit when upgrading to full membership via a gift code.

Is it possible to get student discounts?

Yes! We offer a 33% discount on full membership to high school and college students. You will need to submit a photo of your valid student id. Please see our student id submission form for more details.


I never received my verification email

If you’ve waited at least ten minutes and been sure to check your spam folder, please email us directly at for assistance. Make sure to write from the email address that you registered your account with, so we can look up and verify your account by hand.

I can't see the photos

Sorry you’re having this issue! Some browsers have issues with not displaying the images, sometimes under obscure circumstances. Here’s a few suggestions that have worked for others to fix the problem of the images not showing:

  • Make sure your browser is completely up to date — older browsers are more likely to have this problem, especially Internet Explorer (which is no longer supported by Microsoft!)
  • If you use plug-ins or browser extensions, disable all of them, then re-try using the tools. If the problem has gone away, re-enable each of your plugins/extensions one by one, and try using the tools after each one is re-enabled. When the tools break, you’ll know which plugin was causing the conflict!
  • Try a different browser – we generally recommend Chrome.

I backed your fundraiser, but haven't yet received my backer reward code

Sorry about that! All codes have now been sent out. If you haven't received it, please contact us using our contact form, or directly at We want to make sure you get the rewards you've earned! If you are able to include your receipt number or Paypal transaction ID, that can speed up the resolution of your issue dramatically.

I'm having some trouble using my backer reward code

That's awful! We want you to start enjoying those rewards as soon as possible. Please contact us via our contact form or at with as many details as you can about the error you're experiencing, and we'll jump into action to resolve your issue ASAP.

I’m having some other technical issue

We'd be happy to help you sort out your problem. You can either request help on our support forum, or contact us directly for assistance if you are concerned that your issue involves personal information.

Please include as many details as possible when describing your problem, including what you're trying to do, how you're trying to do it, and what happens when you try.

Reports that exclude these details and simply say "It won't let me ____" or "___ is broken" take much longer to resolve, as we'll need to ask a lot more questions to understand your problem before we can start working on it.

General questions

Can I post the images I created with the gesture tools on other websites?

Yes, you can! You may upload your drawings on other sites such as DeviantArt, Tumblr, Imgur, or any other website where you showcase your work or request critique, as long as you do not sell the images you created with our tools. We would really appreciate a link back to Line of Action so that other people will be able to use our tools as well!

If you post the images you draw to Facebook and @lineofaction, we might feature your work on our facebook page, too! Make sure you have the post set to public if you'd like to be featured.

Can I use the images in the gesture tools as references for images I plan to sell?

Short answer: Maybe.

Long answer: Most of the images displayed by the gesture tools have been provided on loan by very generous photographers, professional and amateur alike, who have an interest in training fine artist. In offering their images, many of them specified that they were to be for educational use within the tool itself, and not to be reused for any other purpose. That means that we have use rights for a very particular case, but do not own the commercial rights and thus cannot give you permission to use all of the images shown in the practice tools in work you plan to sell.

Most of our images link back to the original photographer’s website or portfolio in the top left of the tool. If you are interested in a particular image, you may want to consider following the link and contacting the photographer directly. Some will have the answer to this question posted prominently on their site.

Can I use your images as references for a drawing class assignment?

If it’s okay with your teacher, it’s okay with us!

Do you have an app? Will you have an app? You should make an app.

Thanks for the suggestion! It's a popular one. For the time being, we've gone out of our way to make the website as mobile and tablet friendly as possible, and will continue those efforts in the hopes that most of the features you'd want in an app can actually be obtained through the one site.

We recommend you bookmark the site on your device "desktop" so that you can access it with one tap, like any other app.

If the reason you're suggesting this is because you'd like to be able to practice without a wifi/data connection, we hear you. Resource constraints and the photograph licensing agreements we have with a few of our most prolific photographers make producing a "real" app a challenging proposition, but we'll continue to explore potential solutions.

How do I apply to model for you?

We aren't currently taking applications from models. However, if you have existing photos you own the rights to that you'd like to submit, we may be able to take those!

How do I become a live art model?

Sorry, we're not able to answer this question for you. Here is a page that might have some insight: How to Become An Artist's Model by Kelly Borsheim

How do I contribute photos to the tools?

It's easy! While logged in, go to the Submit Photos page.

For more information on our policies about photo submissions and the photographer profit sharing program, see here, or see our photo submissions FAQ page.

How do I find an image again that I particularly liked?

There’s currently no image directory available for easy browsing.

In the recent past, this was because the images used in the gesture drawing tools were provided by very generous photographers interested in helping to train fine artists. Some of them specified in the licensing agreement that their images were not to be displayed in any kind of archive. Out of respect for their artwork and their legal rights, we have complied and not added an image archive to the site.

However, we are now exploring multiple new methods of expanding our image library, and standardizing our image licensing agreements to make features like this more possible in future. Stay tuned for possible updates to this issue.

I want to use your gesture tools on my livestream/record my drawing progress, am I allowed to do this?

You’re more than welcome to use our tools during your livestreams or recordings. We would really appreciate a link back to Line of Action so that other people will be able to use our tools as well!

Why don’t you have a wider diversity in ethnicity and body types?

Most of the current images were provided by generous photographers. Although we have curated the selection, trying to prune out poor quality images or poses with no educational value, we only have what was offered to us. Young, skinny and white made up the vast majority of the images we were sent — however, we agree that this is something that needs to be corrected, and are working toward commissioning our own photo collections to rectify the situation.

Where can I find the images from a photo bundle I purchased?

The photo bundle will automatically be part of the image rotation in the tool you purchased it for. The store page where you purchase the bundle will tell you which tool this is. Just start up your practice session and the bundle will be mixed in with the other images!

Forum questions

How do I post images on the forums?

If you have a full or doodler membership, the easiest way is to upload your drawing to your sketchbook. The shortcode that you need to post the image on the forums or in comments around the site will be shown on the drawing's page.

It will look something like this:


If you want to post an image that is hosted elsewhere, such as on an image upload service like Imgur, Photobucket, Imageshack, tinypic, Imagesafe, or another, then you will need the direct link to the image. Only links ending in .png, .jpg or .gif will work.

That means that a link like this won't work to embed an image:

But this one would work:

Note the .jpg at the end of the link! This means it is a link to an image, rather than to an entire webpage.

Once you have a url for your external image, use the img shortcode to embed the image on our forums:


Remember, if you aren't linking to an image from your Line of Action sketchbook, make sure that the link ends in a valid image filename, like .png, .gif or .jpg

Was your question not answered here? If you’re looking for specific advice or feedback on your drawing practice/career, ask in the forums. If you have a technical issue, contact us directly.