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    Here are some more. I'm learning a lot about the mechanics of the body from these, especially that there is an intention behind each action of the human body. An artist's ability to capture that intention makes the difference between a figure/character that looks dead and one that looks alive.

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    Nice work Swen. Do you stream on youtube or twitch? If not, you can consider doing so. There seems to be a lack of consistent gesture drawing streams.


    Thanks for the kind words and advice darkover! Streaming is not something I had considered, so I will put that on my list. Are there gesture drawing streams that you're currently following?


    There's quite literally none that can be followed. First off, there are few art channels that focus on it. There's fewer still that are of good quality (both in terms of video and the art itself). And there's literally none that are good that put out consistent content. They upload like at best once a month or less. You can try and see for yourself.

    If you stream, you can continue refining your skills and possibly earn a bit of pocket money. You will also be doing the art streaming viewers a service. The 3 challenges will be setting up the recordings, voicing over your thoughts and uploading once or twice a week. Youtube is probably better if you're just starting out streaming to gain experience. The last challenge, the art itself, you've already overcome.

    But really, streaming itself and watching yourself draw by itself is sometimes beneficial. Many artists I'd watched online discover something about their art to fix or improve by watching their own videos.


    Thank you again for the useful info darkover. You're right about watching yourself draw. I realised the benefit of it when I recorded some video demonstrations for my gesture drawing tutorials some weeks ago.I'll consider streaming this coming year.

    I went back to one of my favourite subjects for gesture drawing today. The amount of energy and fluidity in these poses makes for a great drawing experience.


    Having some more fun with dancers.


    Some drawings from today. For more you can visit: Your text to link here...


    Some drawings from today. For more you can visit:


    Happy 2017 everyone, filled with many gesture drawings!


    This was quite a work out, but it was fun!



    Looking awesome Swen! I am learning a lot just from seeing your gestures roll by. :D Thank you!


    Thanks a lot Sanne, I'm glad to hear that :).


    Really digging your drawings. Full of life and movement.


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