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News & announcements: Answers to common forum questions

I seem to get the same three questions about the forums again and again, and I imagine that many of you out there are wondering the same things but have never taken the time to write. So today, here are the answers to your top questions about using the forums! How do I post images on the forums? Use this tag: [img][/img] How do I add an avatar/icon to my... Continue reading

News & announcements: New forum moderator

Good news! Sanne has stepped up to help me moderate the forums. I have had the great pleasure of moderating other sites alongside her in the past, so I know that she is a top-notch mod. She will be around to help answer questions, deal with tech support questions, move threads, provide encouragement, and just generally be awesome while I am distracted getting the new tools out. But Sanne isn't just... Continue reading

News & announcements: Forums repaired and progress on hands & feet tool

Over the last few weeks I'd been running into a lot of problems with the forum software that we use, until it eventually just gave out on us. I apologize for the time that the forums were down. With some updating and further monkeying, it looks like the forums are once again up and running. Hurrah! In the meanwhile, we've been playing with ways to set up the hands & feet shoot -- here are a few... Continue reading

Improving technique: Starting to use colour in your life drawings

At the beginning of the year, I asked you what your artistic challenges were. An enormous number of you confessed to not knowing how to get started with color! Kenzo & Mayko from stepped up to the plate to provide this wonderful primer on getting started with color in your figure drawings. Thanks so much, Kenzo & Mayko! Be sure to check out Continue reading

News & announcements: Looking for photographers in Portland, OR

We finally hit our fundraising goal! Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect photographer to help us get pictures of hands & feet for the new tool. Although I have a starter list of photographers I'm calling, if you know someone who would be a perfect fit for this job, please link them here so they can get in touch with me! I'm hoping to interview as many photographers as possible to make sure we get the... Continue reading

News & announcements: Catching up

Hello artists, This month has been a challenging one for me. I had two separate wisdom teeth extractions followed just this week by both the norovirus and the flu that's been going around this season. Talk about a double whammy. Between it all, I've had many many weeks of being behind the curve, and I wanted to apologize for being slow to answer your emails and respond to your comments and posts. After... Continue reading

News & announcements: Tool updates: better image resizing

As of this afternoon, the gesture drawing tools will make an attempt to resize each image to be as large as possible and still fit on your screen without scrolling. With a little extra legwork, I got it working in mobile safari as well, so you iPad users should have a much nicer experience! Other minor changes included the addition of a drop shadow on the "time left" text, so you can see what length... Continue reading

News & announcements: What is your artistic challenge?

I'm looking for new topics to feature in our blog in the coming year, and I want to know: What's your artistic challenge? Please leave a comment on this post with suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered here. Nothing could be more rewarding than knowing I'm writing articles that are helping real people out there in the world!... Continue reading

Other resources: Animal Painting and Anatomy

Animal Painting and Anatomy by Frank Calderon was perhaps my first experience with critique. As a child, I drew with enormous enthusiasm. Eventually, my parents gathered up some of those drawings and proudly sent them to my grandmother. Continue reading