My first daily gesture drawings for 5 minutes

by FABREGAS33, August 24th 2019 © 2019 FABREGAS33


I've started to draw in line of action. So, It's not very good. I 've spended 5 minuts to draw two pitures. Bufff, was difficult, I was feeling very nervous, I started with the line of action but then the arm was more longer than the leg ...

So, I wait for your advice !!!

Thank you,



Hi Maria it is hard to see the drawings with so much light reflecting off of the paper. my thought is that you are not using a constructive approach to your drawing and gives you a very random result. love sam


Hi Sam,

Ok, next time I will try that the wheigt of pencil could be strong. So, I agree with you that I can do a better constructive approach. It's not easy but I will practice.

So, If you want let me know some advice to improve I will be happy.

Thank you,



Hi Fabrega! Your first figures are a great start! As a beginner in figure drawing, I would honestly recommend skipping out on the 30 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, etc. figure drawing sessions! It seems you're still learning about how proportions and anatomy work in the body, and it's hard to know what you're supposed to improve on when doing short poses because it's hardly anytime at all to study the body! I would let yourself take as long as you want on one figure every day, soak it up, study it, draw it as best you can, and upload pictures of your drawings for a critique of course! After a while, you'll eventually pick up more knowledge about figure drawing, and that's when things like line of action, gesture, will make more sense and help you out with elevating your figures!

Another tip I have for this approach is that as a beginner, you might be really tempted to draw the body as quick as you can so you can spend the most time adding shading! Try to spend more of your time making sure that the drawing before adding the shading is accurate and doesn't look wonky! After all, shading won't look nice on top of a wonky drawing.


Hi Emmamora,

Thank you for your tips. I will try to draw the same figure drawing session. It can help me a lot. It's true that It's very hard to study human body.

When I can I will show another body ;-)

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