keeping Drawing body human

by FABREGAS33, October 5th 2019 © 2019 FABREGAS33

Hello, I think you should study the hands more and how they connect to the forearm. Also try and work on the thumbs and how they are diffrent from the rest of the fingers,check out Michael Hampton's drawings of hands they are very constructive and help you understand hands better. I think that learning the bony landmarks like the calvicle will help you alot with the rest of the figure. For now you have a very nice asymetry going on in the figure so keep that up, Hope this helps. :)


Hi Ninai,

Thank you very much for your coment. Sure I have to improve the hands. It happens to me because I focused more the body than the hands and I did this draw in 30 minuts more a less. I'm trying to find the line of action. But I think I'ts necessary like you to dedicate more time to finish work like hands and also the face too.

See you,


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