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by FABREGAS33, October 14th 2019 © 2019 FABREGAS33

The way that the neck joins to the shoulders is awkward and unnatural, and the right arm (particularly around the wrist) is twisted unnaturally as well. The legs are too short (I think?). The left arm and hand are good proportionately and are fluid, and the directional foreshortening on the feet show good understanding!


Ok nice, good comments, I love It, Thanks !




I really like your drawings, they have a nice natural flow to them. Not stiff at all and your lines are quite nice. Not scratchy or hesitant as it can be with some.

You really got the gesture well in this drawing, but then perhaps pushed it a little too far and the overall effect is it looks off in a few places. For me, after I've done a drawing I sometimes check it by overlaying it with the reference photo. That way I can see exactly how far out I am. When I do this I notice the things I tend to always get wrong, then I am aware and so I can focus on those the next time. Over time I find my drawing accuracy gets better. It's like a mini critique I can get after each drawing...

You can see here how the head is too big, too far right, and the arms are both a little oversized. It's just enough to make the top half all seem oversized and out of proportion.

Try the overlaying thing and see if it helps you to see where you are going wrong.

Keep drawing. You've got a good foundation to build on.


Hi Mirvine555,

Thank you very much for your comments. I like your suggestion to do overlaping with the reference photo. I think, like you, It will help to improve the drawings.

I taked a look your drawings and I considered they are amazing I love how your paint with pancil the face.

Thanks and we will keep drawing !!!!

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