requesting critique on my 30 min class

by im_poster, March 27th 2020 © 2020 im_poster

Hello there,

ive been doing figure drawing for a for a while now and it always felt like i was progressing a little, but now i feel stuck and unsure what i should focus on. Thats why i uploaded some of my last 30 minutes class in hope that you could give me some pointers.

best regards!

Polyvios Animations

Well, im_poster, nice work on your human studies, nice job. But I've got one more smaller suggestion: Why don't you loosen up your figure study in 10 minutes, flipped horizontal, pretty please? Because, you'll get less stiff, and more solidly, and more than fluidly on your next figure drawings.

Thank you.

Polyvios Animations


thx for your suggestion, ill include some flipped one. I guess i really got stiff in my head but had not realised it, because i always though that i have a pritty loose style already.

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