Imagining positions

by FABREGAS33, April 20th 2020 © 2020 FABREGAS33
Victor Creator

You have a beautiful character design. It is a bit generic in my opinion. But that is good! A great start. You can try to practice the kind of line qualities you want for your pieces and also the shape language. So you can use them to enhance or elaborate the mood of your design.


Ok, Thank you !!!

Austin Chan

Your art style is fascinating, it seems like the storybook and anime style. But I reckon you can practise the line, you can try to finish a line in a stroke. That will let your drawing even look better! But if this is a sketch, it is fine. Your character design is surprisingly great, you greatly show the main appearance which can identify the character in a second! If you try to create a storybook with this idea, I think this will be great!


Yes, It was a sketch to do a painting. thany you for your comment. I hope to create a storybook, but for me better if anyone think the story first ;-)

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