practicing to draw the human figure

by im_poster, October 20th 2018 © 2018 im_poster

Hello community, i am Lucas.

I am new to all of this because i just became a member of this community, but i look forward to draw, discuss and improve with all of you. My written english is not really good, pls excuse me-_-

It would be super nice, if you could give me some critique on these figure drawingings from a 2 hours lession (the beginning is on another page). I used to draw 1 minute solely so i sometimes could not make good use of the time.

have a nice Saturday:)


Making good use of time is definitely something that takes practice all on its own! During shorter time intervals, you can't really fix any mistakes you make. However, it's really worth spend more time on the proportions and underlying shapes during longer time intervals, before adding details. It seems like you might not have done this with your most detailed drawing; even though she's very nicely shaded, her breasts, shoulders, and arms don't look like right. It adds an uncanny quality to the drawing that's pretty unsettling.

You don't seem to have had this problem in most of the shorter drawings, so I really think it's just a matter of learning to slow down on the longer ones!

P.S. my favourite drawing of yours is the second one from the left on the top row; she has a really strong line of action, and I love how you captured the angle of her torso!


Hi Retrodictionary,

thanks a lot for taking your time on this critique. I totaly agree to what you say and yes, the arms and shoulders definitly seem some bits off, i think ill take a look at their anatomy and try to build them in clay or sth, to get a better understanding. :)

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