practicing to draw the human figure

by im_poster, October 20th 2018 © 2018 im_poster

Hello community, i am Lucas.

I am new to all of this because i just became a member of this community, but i look forward to draw, discuss and improve with all of you. My written english is not really good, pls excuse me-_-

It would be super nice, if you could give me some critique on these figure drawingings from a 2 hours lession. I used to draw 1 minute solely so i sometimes could not make good use of the time.

have a nice Saturday:)


Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing your art with us! Your written English seems just fine, no need for apologies!

Your drawings have a great energy to them- they seem alive and not stiff, which is one of the most difficult parts of drawing, I think. You also have good proportions!

My advice is to try to keep that energy and simplicity in your images as you keep adding details and not obscure all your work on form with too many lines. You seem to make some parts of an image pointier/sharper than they are in reality which can look good stylistically, but try to avoid too many sharp edges- it may make your figure look like they're made out of blocks, not flesh!

I glanced at your other post and I hope to see you around the forums more often- I really love the way your figures look! They have an almost liquid, incredibly relaxed feel to them in many cases, and I really admire that.


Hey Swayer Sweet,

thanks a lot for your fast and kind critique, it does help me a lot and i feel very encouraged!

I will keep your advices in mind and i will do my best to apply them in the next session :)

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