by Theo, August 19th 2020 © 2020 Theo

A piece where I practiced on some shading. Thanks for your comments and critiques!


Nice shading, but you could try to not smudge as much so the shadows are more defined. The porportions are mostly ok but the torso seems a bit elongated, usually the male figure has a torso of around 2.5 heads. Keep up the good work :)


Thanks for the critique!


The mouth area looks like it isn't in the same view as the rest of the head. It seems like the lips dont lead naturally to the nose. I think the top of the skull looks too small.

Silly Me

You have a pretty good eye. It just needs practice :p But there seems to be a problem with the tools your using... (I know, you shouldn't focus on that to much but i think it could improve your drawing a lot) You're drawing on paper with quite a lot of grain with a pencil too precise. Try to experiment with different mediums, find something you like that doesn't ask for that much precision. It's a not a good thing to focus on details while learning the fundaments of figure.

And maybe also try with a shorter pose time, and i mean really short (like 5 min poses maximum) It is scary, i know, and most of your drawing is going to look like s**t but you'll learn so much more, so much faster.

Keep us updated, i want to see the rest of that ;)

Tx Williep

Very nice figure. The only thing I would suggest: The head has a skull, a rounded object. A while back I attended a portrait class. People would do the face & the rest they would flatten. The spacing of the body looks fine. Keep practicing.