The veil

by Theo, August 20th 2020 © 2020 Theo

I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to faces. Some critiques would be helpful. Thanks

Tx Williep

It's a very good face ( you did good). From the hairline to the eyebrow is 1/3 of the face. From the eyebrow to below the nose is another 1/3. From there to the chin is also 1/3. The ears are between the eyebrow and the bottom of the nose. You can use these measurements as a guide. Remember there is a skull underneath the skin that will affect the surface you see. Line-of-Action has faces you can use to practice. You need to practice faces (heads) in frontal view, 3/4's view, side view at least. Getting a likeness will take work & practice on your part. I have faith you can do it.

Xezar August

Hi deo, you need more security in your stroke


Thanks. As in making my strokes harder?

Sanne - Site moderator

I think (and am in agreement with) Xezar means your strokes would benefit from being done more confidently. :)

In the drawing, the lines are very sketchy and light. Don't be afraid to draw darker lines with less strokes to emphasize the contrast. It can make a big difference in making a drawing come to life!

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Halan Lore

I think this drawing could benefit from heavier lines, your drawing is difficult to see because of the low contrast and it really is a shame because the face seems to be quite nice in my opinion. It's always a good idea to start off light when drawing because if mistakes are made they can be easily erased but when you near the end of a drawing there is nothing wrong with darkening the lines. If possible you might enjoy playing with a pencil set that has different levels of hardness it will be easier to make a darker line.


I think this drawing is very good, but it could use some more contrast and just darker values in general. The overall anatomy and proportions of the face are fairly good, but because you use very light lines and value, it makes the whole thing seem flatter. If you were to use bolder more confident lines, especially around the eyes, and a broader value scale, it would really add shape and life to the drawing. If you really want to learn facial proportions, I recommend searching up the loomis method. The youtube channel Proko has some really useful videos on this technique.


The proportions and positions of the facial features are perfect. The only thing I'd say is to play around a bit more with how dark or light you make some features of the face for example; puting a bit more pressure on the top lid and the corners of the eye to draw more attention to them. Also try including some of the creases under and above the eye, it will make the eye look more realistic because the eye is like a ball covered by 2 flaps of skin from above and below, the "creases" help show that.

See how the eyes have creases above and below, taht helps teh eyes look more realistc.

I hope this helps :)