first sketches

by Jimmysonne, December 11th 2020 © 2020 Jimmysonne

Hi there. just started here with this website, hopefully to get into a routine of studying and practising. any feedback will be appreciated.

Polyvios Animations

Nice promise on those quick sketches, jimmysonne, very good.

However, I've got one smaller, tinier, littler suggestion: I love how exaggerated your movements your poses have, but, why don't you please do 47 minutes of 30-second figures?

The reason why is because, it'll make you even more exaggerated with your motions.

Hope it's been completely and totally stimulating and helpful.


Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try that! :)


I like this painting very much. I hope I can master how to summarize the body concisely.

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Good structure. Carefull with the anathomy


That's a very good start! Congrats!!

I'd advise trying to bring in more flow, especially to the legs and arms. Don't interrupt the nice flow at the elbows/knees too much!

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