Quick gesture drawings for critique

by Jimmysonne, February 17th 2021 © 2021 Jimmysonne

These were all about a minute each


Try to emphasize the line thickness where the most force would be. Michael D. Mattesi has great tutorials and a couple of books on the subject!


These gestures are soooo GOOD!! I especially enjoy the top right figure and how it communicates movement and weight with such subtle information. Just magical!

Polyvios Animations

Hello there, jimmysonne, I love how those gestural poses are going. I love how these gestures identify the look and feeling of human poses.

Welp, if I was to identify a suggestion to you, then it would be to keep up on your caricaturing the lines of rhythm of those poses above. Why don't you please do that, by quickly, and loosely, sketching out 125 minutes of 29 second attitiudes????????? (125 x 60, 7500/29=about 259 manner drawings) The reason why you could do your critique is because, it would and could, and should provide that your sketches will become the least stiffest, and the most dynamic, energetic, and fluid in the poses.

Good luck from me to you, and I hope you've found this completely and totally encouraging, productive, and contributory.

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