Quick gesture drawings for crtique

by Jimmysonne, February 17th 2021 © 2021 Jimmysonne

Each about 1 min

Polyvios Animations

Yowza!!! Greater job on your lines of action, jimmysonne, that's very exceptionally fast.

Well, if I could suggest you some commentary, it would be to suggest that I really don't see enough lines of rhythm in more of your poses. Why don't you please draw larger, on the bigger newsprint paper you can find, but doing 122 more minutes of 30 second poses???????? (122 x 60/30, 7320/30=244 postures) And do you know why????? It's because it would and could, and should-- help and support you on making your lines and action, and rhythm, more, and more livelier like you've never seen them before, as forces go.

My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this totally and absolutely supportive, and accessory.


hey jimmysonne

I'm not an art teacher. Just a student, myself, so I'm not sure I'm in any place to critique your drawings. That being said, I think you could benefit from looking at some basic perspective and form drawing. It looks to me like you're drawing shapes, not forms. The way I approach figures (and everything I draw, actually), is to try and draw the 3d forms, which you cannot do without understanding basic perspective.

See Scott Robertson's books, moderndayjames (youtube) dynamic drawing, Glen Vilppu's excelent videos, Proko.com, and my favorite drawing book of all time: Figure Drawing Design and Invention by Michael Hampton (who also teaches at Brainstorm).

PS. I tried to do a draw-over, but I don't think it uploaded properly.


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