todays practice

by Jimmysonne, December 29th 2020 © 2020 Jimmysonne

These sketches were around 6-8 mins each.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form


Proportions are very good and accurate overall on the top right drawing! Congrats on that. Also, the circular lines add movement and dynamism - the feet and hands particularly look nice. Maybe work a bit longer on the head next time but that's a minor criticism point. For 6 to 8 minutes, those two sketches are really good. You managed to grasp the overall form and action. On the seond drawing on the bottom left, the lower half of the body looks a bit small and warped compared to the upper half, and the torso looks a bit rigid in my opinion. But practice will take you where you aim! You're already looking great.


yes I agree about the heads and the legs on the left drawing, thank you for your suggestions I'll work on that :)

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your human proportions, jimmysonne. But I've got one smallest request: I love the forms and proportions, but I feel that they're a little too stiff. Why don't you please be bolder and decisive, in 60 minutes (1 hour) of 30-second figurative poses???? Why????????? Because, it'll make your overall proportions of your human forms, a lot looser and full of life, if you would and could warm and loosen yourself up, every so often.

Hope it's been completely and totally encouraging.

Happy New Year,

Polyvios Animations


Hi and thank you for your advice, I'll do some practice on that :)


The sketch in the upper right is lovely(!) and i think you captured the proportion so very well. The suggestion of shadow is very well done and brings everything together into a cohesive whole. The sketch on the left seems less unified, and the upper body appears too large in scale for the lower body, starting at the ribcage. To me it also looks somewhat stiff, especially compared to the other sketch. I think a quick rough-in to capture the flow of the body would help, to help capture the rhythm. Once that is done, build the basic elements along those lines, and focus on the proportion of the individual elements in relationship to each other.

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