Pearl tripping backward

by Momomimi, January 19th 2021 © 2021 Momomimi

Did this awhile back but I loved how this feels. Always looking for feedback


This is so adorable~

To improve the dynamic you should look at the direction of the body. The upper body seems to twist a bit towards the right of Pearl (I think the reason is the placing of the neckline, maybe the neck also has to be moved or the right shoulder... I'm not too sure, sry). And you could improve the leg using more shaped lines (usually one of the lines of the upper or lower leg is rather straight and one is more rounded/shaped).

I hope you understood what I mean;;;;

Looking at references is always making things better. If you find a fitting one you can first draw the shapes the way you see them and then try to stylize them to fit a character.

Dilettante Artist

You did amazingly! I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into this sketch. One thing I would work on is consistent anatomy. If you look at the bottom you can see the legs get a little disproportionate. If you need to find a reference picture, or even make your own by taking pictures of yourself in those positions, that might really help! Another thing I would do is a little bit of shading to give your art some depth.

Overall really great job!


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