Warm up poses

by Momomimi, January 19th 2021 © 2021 Momomimi

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid


I'm glad you put your goal there. I think this drawing adequately sums up the pose. However, I do think it still reads as a bit stiff and there are some basic construction issues, like with the arm. Maybe work on mapping the joints out in your construction lines


Thank you so much!

Polyvios Animations


Nice silhouette, Momomimi, that's a greater job you've got there with that pose, and I think that you're on the right track. Not to mention, I really feel that you're on your way.

In addition to your critique request, then it would be to suggest, that I'm seeing less choppiness and more elegance; but just not enough of this elegance. Why don't you please do 86 minutes of 30-second silhouette poses? (41 minutes of 30 second poses, 5 minute break, and 40 more minutes of 30 secs). The valid reason why is because, I feel that it may and/or might overwhelm you, but, in terms of that break time, I completely think that you would and could pull this practice off. Cheers and I hope you've found this decorous, productive, and informative.

Polyvios Animations


Breaks can help you recharge your batteries.


Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It means a lot!

Jrpencil King


I am Geoffrey, a practising illustrator would like to give some feedback on your work.

I love how confident your lines are and solid.

Well, one of the ways to get rid of the stiffness would be to look for the line of action/flow that most times would be in the middle of the figure. It would be awesome if you did some exaggerated motion studies I feel animators describe it better.

Then you can work on the solid form then building mass on the structure.

I hope this helps. and have fun.

Happy drawing


Thank you for the feedback! It's funny you say that since part of the reason I'm looking for that fluidity in my drawing is so that I can draw characters that can be animated. My problem is that I feel I rush into the details too fast.

Any way I can get rid of that bad habit?


Hi Momomimi,

I know this problem with details, and in my (limited) experience, I've found that a good exercise is to try and describe the whole pose with a maximum of two or three lines, with a C, S or I shape. This will force you to simplify, find out the essence of the pose and ignore non essential elements. So it will look like an advanced stick figure. you seem to have a pretty good grasp of contour, so afterwards, it will be easy to flesh out... Have fun!

Jrpencil King

hey, sorry Hadn't seen your question hope it's not too late..

Anyway, it's a universal problem of rushing to the details but one thing that I keep in mind is that characters for animation need to be more readable than the impressive details.

You can try to have a Process that you follow when you draw. This can be how you make your pose(silhouette) the blocking, the lighting etc...

You can update me if it works.. Happy to help


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