Jan 24th Figure drawing class final

by Momomimi, January 25th 2021 © 2021 Momomimi

Made this after an hour figure drawing class. My goal was to make the poses feel fluid and lifelike. Hope I did a good job

Jarrode Canela

Hi Momomimi!

My name Juan, I'm a kind of new/begginer artist so I suggest for you not to take this critique as seriously as that of somenone who knows the craft really well.

I think you did a great work in capturing motion and fluidity! Perhaps looking into action lines/lines of action will help you further in this goal of yours. On the other hand, at least in this drawing in particular, I think you struggled with definition, specially with the graphite pencil part (I understand the blue lines are to be more loose). What I mean by this is that some of the lines, for example in the temple, butt or legs seem really shaky. I'd recomend for you to use the lines you put down in the arms, hair, head or torso as a reference of what "confident" lines look like!

(do remember art is subjectve af,so if you like those lines in the legs, then by all means go with 'em!)

Hope this worked even if just a bit, keep drawing, and cheers from Quito!


i think you did exactly what you set up to do, however the face and the body are two difernent styles, both good, but I'm sensing a conflict here.


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