Face practice 2021 2/20

by Momomimi, February 22nd 2021 © 2021 Momomimi

Goal: practice facial structures and alignment of facial features to communicate emotions

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Practice more in decontsruction of the face/head under form before you start working on details here some vids to help




It seems youre jumping into details before you sketch out the head and form of the subject. look asaro head model for form refernece it'll help- and do studies whenever you can.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again Momo, I am really love how much potential you've got in your facial sketches.

Still, here is one tiny suggestion: I really adore how much looseness in the light touches in those sketches, but I just don't seem to get enough of them. Why don't you please sit yourself back with going for 128 minutes of 30 second expression pictures? (128 x 60/30, 7680/30=256 pose sketches)

The reason why you could and would go with this idea of refinement of sketches is because, it can and shall be able to draw the broad strokes of the facial features and expressions to communicate the emotions and internal feelings out on paper, or display.

Cheers from me to you, and I hope you've found this completely and absolutely productive and creative and artistic.

Son Will


I think these are great in that I can see that you're really thinking about the roundness of the head and how features relate to that shape. There is still some flatness to the faces and I think that comes from focusing your attention on the feature placement rather than the structure of the head overall. I would practice drawing the skull. Simplify it down to an oval for the cranium and a wedge shape for the jaw and draw it in multiple positions. Landmarks on the skull will also help you nail down general positions for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Then I'd say you can think about how the features overlap each other as the head turns and tilts. In drawing #3 we would actually see less of the far eye because of the bridge of the nose. In drawing #1 the far eye would be closer to the nose and we sould see a little less of that as well. It's great to see how you are thinking and working through your sketches and I hope this helps!


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