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by Biruaru, March 4th 2021 © 2021 Biruaru

Welcome to judge or teach me a lot tips.

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your rapid 5 minutes figure poses, ivylove926. The limbs on those two are very well connected. And they feel like it, too.

Yet I've got one tiny, small, little error: I love how minimal your line economy is in your 30 second sketches, but I feel that your poses here above, are far too sketchy, and itchy. Why don't you please minimize your line count to 9, by going through 136 minutes of 29 second attitude sketches, all flipped vertically? (136 x 60/29, 8160/29=281 poses in the life models from photos or otherwise)

The reason why you could do this error is because, it can, shall, and in the future will have helped you be even more economical with your line choices. Funner fact: Did you know, that the less amount of lines, the better your drawing appeal it's gonna be??

But in the meantime, why don't you please check out this YouTube video down here???:

Good luck on your upcoming efforts and I hope you've found these completely and totally educational and encouraging!!


Thank u for comment again ,I appreciate it.

That's me too try for your tip!

And I'll post on here again !

OH! Thanks for that video.

(But I can only understand a little... my English not good.)

(I will try to get that video want to talk about. I'm so sorry. ;_;)


Hello Ivy.

The first thing that I notice is that your lines are quite messy. when you have a timespan as long as 5 minutes, you can take the liberty to study the figure before putting down lines. You could try ghosting the line ("draw" the line without actually touching the paper with the tip of the pen), or, if the line you put down isn't correct, move on! A clean, incorrect line is better than a fuzzy, correct line.

Secondly, your drawings are too focused on contour. While I can see that you are thinking about how the different forms connect, your shape language is muddled. When doing drawings in between 5 and 10 minutes, you should be focused on mannequinization. Turn the figure into boxes, cylinders, and spheres, and draw cross contours along those . Draw through the forms, putting down lines that would normally be obscured by other body parts.

I hope my advice was helpful. Keep up the good work!



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