30 min. figures drawing class #002.

by Kumotori, March 20th 2021 © 2021 Kumotori

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

C&C are gladly welcome! :D


It's damn cool, the only thing it said is practice more doing back people


Your drawings are really amazing !!
If you want to improve the understanding of the human body you can try to start applying gravity to your drawings to reduce the rigidity of the poses and better understand how gravity affects the shape of the human body.
Another piece of advice is to divide the human body into smaller and smaller parts, until you know every muscle and bone remains!

Force is a book that helps you to understand the gravity on human body you can find many videos about the book on YouTube


Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely going to try and practice that! :D

Applying gravity sounds really interesting! I have never thought of it before (and it is time I am going to start thinking about it haha). Learning muscle & bone and Force book sounds like a great way to improve too. Thank you so much for your advice! :D


Hello! I adore your 10 Minute one. What I would say is to work on more laying and back facing poses. Maybe specifically look for a pose laying with feet closer to the camera to help with perspective. That's all I have now, but great job!

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your line quality, kumotori, that's very smooth and very slicker indeed!!!!!

Again, if I was to give you a totally and definitely useful criticism, then it would be that some of the nude pose proporitons and relationships, especially the seated pose above, feels a bit too forced and rigid in the lines of action. Why can't and don't you please chill yourself out with 90 minutes of 15 second quick pose warm-ups????????? (5400 seconds/ 15 secs=360 quick lines of action poses)

The reason why you should and could be able to do this littler tip or trick is, so that you'd be able to make your lines of action more action-packed. For more details, be sure to look up Toniko Pantoja's Youtube videos here online.

So, my hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these suggestions definitely and positively useful, constructive and concrete, to your goal.

Polyvios Animations.

P.s. please check out the post, "What if 30 seconds isn't enough" here.


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