30 min. figures drawing class #003.

by Kumotori, March 21st 2021 © 2021 Kumotori

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

C&C are gladly welcome! :D

Polyvios Animations

Wow!! I think you're catching on, kumotori!! You're really getting better at your overall human proportions so far!! Especially on their inherent gestures I've seen.

So here is my totally honest and sincere feedback: I love the motion and exaggeration on your lines of rhythm, but I really can't seem to get enough of it. Why don't you please go with practicing from anatomy books and ebooks online, with 155 mins of 28 second fast drawings and pictures, for 4 days??? (155 x 60/28/4, 9300/28/4, 332/4=83 quick scribbles a day) The reason???? As a result, you'll be able to master your current goal on the overall proportions of the human form, by shorthand(s), as it can help you on your perception of relationships (proportions and angles) For more details on this skill, be sure to pick up a copy of a Kindle ebook Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 4th Edition, Betty Edwards.

Good luck, and my hat's off to you, plus cheers.


Thank you so much for your advice! :D

I just grabbed the book you recommend me, going to practicing as you told me for sure!


Looking great! You seem to have a solid grasp of the directional lines and shapes and how they work. I would recommend looking more into depth and how that influences the line. For example in the longest-pose (the lying woman), every line is nearly equally thick, giving a feeling of equal depth. Whereas things in the front should be more thick lined while for instance the head is way thinner since it appears farther away (less contrast).

I'd also recommend working, if possible, with more weightier models. Thin woman are fun to draw, but are lacking in definition leaving little room to experiment with shadow and bodily curvatures/fatlayers.

Good luck and happy drawing :)

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