20 mins per pose #1

by Zkbpkp, April 14th 2021 © 2021 Zkbpkp
Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your new set of pose sketches, there, I love 'em!

I've got one little critique: I love the gesture, but I'm not getting enough of them, though they are just a bit too hard. Why don't you please develop your hands, with 10 minutes of 29 second quick sketches of some figure studies???? (600/29 seconds=21 greasy and looser quick sketches) (All in the all-new custom timer in Line of Action (here!!)

The reason why you could do this is because, it your first-ever goal is to make your drawings least restricting, and more spontanous and creative.

As extra credit, why don't you please too check out this link here???: https://line-of-action.com/learn-to-draw (that is, if you haven't already...)

So, good luck with your very first current goal.


Hi, tranks for the suggestions!

Yeah I totally feel that short gesture drawings are helping, will definitely do more of those.


Very good!The neck area looks like it could use some work, it is always a tricky part. I recommend doing some anatomy studies on the neck and seeing how it connects the skull to the rest of the body. That could help the overall look of your gestures.


Thanks for the tip! I can see now that I'm doing the neck wrong very consistently, will pay more attention to that and do some studies.

Luna Miau

Está muy bien, lo único abría que ver más a profundidad el tema de los cuellos, pero está muy bien


Cool sketches! Love the colors you used!

One thing is that the linework on the chin could be improved. This is always a tricky thing to do. For example, in your green sketch, I dont think you need a solid line separating the skull and neck completly. You could remove the solid lines near the back of the skull, below where the ears would go.