20 mins per pose #2

by Zkbpkp, May 19th 2021 © 2021 Zkbpkp

Tried to do a little bit more details than I could with 10 minute figures. Pretty happy with how these turned out, but I still struggle with giving more detail to hands/feet, I'll do some more separate hands/feet drawing soon


These look good to me. I think you're on your way. Just keep going, and practicing.

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Kanaiyah Ward

looks pretty good.

I think you should practice form and learn anatomy

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Polyvios Animations

Nice job on those solid, yet dynamic and lively poses and attitudes, zkbpkp, way to go and I love them so much.

If I could just nitpick on a thing or two on either one, yet I love how much proportions and angles you've got going on in those arms and legs, and I'm just not getting enough dynamics and dynamism in either one of them. Would you please work out on doing those arm, leg, hand, and foot studies, for 20 minutes of 5 minutes of those anatomy drawings?? (4 anatomy poses) (all downloaded, bookmarked, put on reading list, flipped horizontally and/or vertically, and/or none) The reason why you could do these is because of two things: 1) To apply your anatomy quick sketches in the right side of the brain. 2) To help you improve your understanding of drawing out the human limbs and appendages.

Good luck, and my hat's off to you.


they look noice but i won't recommend you to spend time on adding more details for now. I think you should go back to 10 mins per pose. cuz you can't learn by adding details when you still need to learn the basic anatomy. adding details makes your drawings look good but you won't learn anything from that at this point. I like how you are hard working and patient. Never give up. :))


The top two drawings look awesome and capture the motion pretty well. The bottom image looks very awkward and rigid. I would suggest trying quick 30-second drawings just to make sure you're capturing the dynamic movement of the image, which will also help you loosen up. I've been doing this as a suggestion from another user and it has helped a lot.