10 mins per pose #1

by Zkbpkp, May 17th 2021 © 2021 Zkbpkp
Polyvios Animations

Bravo on your solid and balanced poses, Zkbpkp. Very great use of weight, space, and gesture. My suggestion that the forces are really getting there, but I'm not getting just about enough of it, in terms of edges, and in terms of spaces (positive and negative inclusively). Would you please loosen up your drawings of the figures more quickly and funnily, with 30 minutes of 2 minute dynamic poses? (15)


1) It could help you out on your perceptions of edges, spaces, and relationships (proportions and angles)

2) To help make your edges, spaces, proportions, and angles less rigid, and more dynamic, spontaneous, fluid, energetic, and lively.

For plenty more info, make sure you check out Successful Drawing by Loomis

Take care, peace, and stay diamond.


Hi, thanks for the encouragement and for advice! I'll definitely do some 2 minute poses as your suggested.

I've been going to check out Loomis for a while since I saw his head construction method, which seems to be quite helpful for me.

Also I feel like I really should pay more attention to negative spaces you mentioned — sometimes I focus too much on positive spaces and notice the mistakes that are obvious when you look at negative spaces too late to fix them in a limited time span.

Kanaiyah Ward

these poses are solid great!!

they look highly realistic and id never knows it was a drawing .

I believe you should add some minor details and don't overdo it


Haha you're too kind, thanks :)

Yeah I should do some poses with a longer time span to be able to pay more attention to details, I'm still too slow to be able to do details in 10 minutes 😄

Starswirl (unregistered visitor)

Good use of the white pencil and light, it gives enough form without overdoing it. The poses are quite stiff though, learning to make your more fluid should probably a good priority, other than that it's pretty good

Kanaiyah Ward

youre welcome