5 mins per pose #2

by Zkbpkp, April 27th 2021 © 2021 Zkbpkp

Tried to break figures into simple 3d primitives as I did with hands/feet yesterday

Twi things I see right now:

1. I'm not consistent about choosing the forms to construct the body (because I don't know yet what is the best way, so trying doing it differently to find something that works)

2. I probably should think more about how these forms should appear (like which sides will actually be visible when they rotate, I'm not sure I get it right in some cases)

If there's anything else, any tips and feedback will be appreciated!


Hello zkbpkp your work is nice, and the things that you pointed out are all pretty accurate, but you're missing out one crucial thing, and that is, you need to understand better the rules of perspective and how to construct 3d solid forms from imagination, to do so I advice you going trough the lessons of drawabox.com this website will give you a really good foundation on 3d forms and construction and deconstruction of forms

Hope this was useful.


Hi, thank you for your recommendation! I've started doing excercies from drawabox, seems like a good place to practice all those things that are kinda too basic to be covered in many tutorials but still very much needed.

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on those figures, zkbpkp. Very nicer.

Well, if I was to suggest an improvement, then it would be that a couple of poses are a bit too hard. Here's a tip:

To learn a new move, exaggerate it.

Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent

The reason why for this tip is because, if you can apply this technique on those drawn figures, then you'd be able to push the lines of action even more further with 30 minutes of 2 minute poses, so that you could be able to really exaggerate the looseness of those drawings.

So, I say, good luck on your new goal.