25 minute face drawing

by Martnar87, May 18th 2021 © 2021 Martnar87

Really trying to improve my style with facial expressions. I think I have a realistic approach and am trying to focus more on getting a "comic book" style.

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Way to go on your wonderfully realistic heads and faces, martnar87.

Well, I've got one small, tiny suggestion: If you want to get into the realistic comic-book (DC & Marvel) styles, that's fine by me, but if you truely want to get really greater results, yet I love your quick 30-second quick expression gestures, but I just can't get enough of them right away. Would you like to go for 150 minutes of 29 second quick face and expression quick scribbles? (all flipped horizontal and/or vertical, and with/without grayscale, for the tones) And please check out this link on head drawing while you're at it.

The reason why you could and should do these suggestions is because, it can, shall, and will be able to get your head and expression angles the least stiffest and rigid, and the most dynamic, vital, fluid, and lively, in terms of the proportions, perspectives, and foreshortenings.

Stay safe, happy, healthy, bright, and I hope you've found my critiques completely and totally informative.


Thanks! I'll give a try at the 30-second ones rather than doing a class. And thanks for the discord invite!


Heads in perspective are soo hard right? I struggle with them a lot.

I would consider that a "style" often comes from the limitations of the tool itself. For comic book art, the reason why it looks the way it does is becuase comic artists from back in the day were working with quill pens and ink. A very unforgiving medium (as in your marks are permanent) and you have to be very decisive about how you use it.

But, they learned how to work with that "limitation" and make something amazing. If you want a comic book style, I suggest pulling out the pen and ink, or brush, quill, or just a giant permanent marker! This will help you think about your decision making process and you can refine your personal style from there. In fact, put a tracing paper on top of these drawings and draw over them in ink. Ofthen comic artist start with pencil drawings like these and then simplify it as they draw over it.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck!


That is a very good point and a very good idea! I saw a video yesterday about how doing these kinds of exercise with a pen is also better than a pencil because it forces you to think about the line before committing to it.


hmm don't think about styles yet. learn the proportions of the head first, for example: there's a space the size of an eye between two eyes, and don't forget the brow line, it's missing in that three quarter view of a dude with glasses on, the eye placement is off. i recommend you to practice proko's loomis head method. it helps a lot. :)) Keep going, the hard works will pay off someday. never give up.


Thank you! This makes sense and is something that I still need to get both more comfortable with and making sure that it's all in the correct place and the correct size.

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